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So do you, and that’s why you’re here. The Sesquipedalian is a place for word nerds of all kinds to learn about, discuss, and celebrate the English language! Here, you’ll find a blog tailored to the interests and inquiries of the modern logophile, tidbits about their backstories, and links and references to all the resources a speller needs to succeed. Whether you are a current speller, a veteran, a coach, or just an aficionado, this site has the latest and greatest in all things competitive orthography and more!

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Ever wonder why spelling bees are even possible? Why is it that spelling is so difficult, and requires hours and hours of study to master? How is it that spellers misspell? Don’t most languages have rules that govern their spellings?


photo credit: Mark Bowen / Scripps National Spelling Bee


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Congratulations to Karthik Nemmani!
Karthik is an extremely dedicated and hard-working speller. I'm proud to be part of his spelling journey.


Time Magazine: Here's What It Takes to Win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, According to the Victor's 16-Year-Old Coach

Covenant Christian student coaches speller to Scripps National Spelling Bee win