Spelling Bee BOOTCAMP coming in July! Click HEREto find out more and register


Kickstart your spelling bee journey this July with a 5-day virtual camp experience! With Grace as your guide, dive into the language patterns & roots that make up English and discover what it means to be a spelling bee champion!

Grace Walters has coached spellers for 8 years, and among her students are 5 Scripps National Spelling Bee champions, as well as a runner up and a third place finisher. With a degree in linguistics from Rice University, as well as experience teaching overseas and at a collegiate level, she is an experienced instructor who is excited to share her love of language with you!

Two sessions of camp will be held – either July 8-12 or July 15-19 – with three hours of instruction each day from 11 AM-2 PM EST. This online learning experience is oriented toward beginners (elementary school-age spellers; 1-2 years experience or less) looking to build their foundational understandings of the roots and patterns that make up English, as well as sharpen their spelling bee competition skills with new strategies and practice. Lessons will be interactive, encouraging spellers to engage with the material and apply their knowledge through exercises and games. At the end of the week, your young speller will be able to:

Utilize a base of 30-50 Greek and Latin roots to spell words they have not previously studied

Apply foundational language patterns from Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese to spell words they have not previously studied

Ask information questions (definition, language of origin, part of speech, etc.) strategically to get clues to a word’s spelling

Employ techniques to remain calm and centered onstage

The registration fee for one session is $300. Each session will accommodate a maximum of 15 students, so don’t wait! Register your speller today!

Register your speller here: https://forms.gle/Bg76UGMWAvbmtUrcA

Got questions before you register? Ask Grace here: https://forms.gle/tygryJtojh8fmWnZA